Communicating Church in a Digital Culture

Published: 19th September 2019


Communication lies at the heart of every healthy community, the church is no exception. In Matthew 11:15, Jesus says, ‘Whoever has ears, let them hear’. How do we make sure we are saying things in a way that invites all people – no matter their background – to engage with what it means to be church today?

People rarely visit or stay at churches because of great teaching or amazing worship music – they stay because of relationships, they stay because of connections. Church leaders and members alike need to recognize that what they say and how they say it has the power to change someone’s life forever – this book will help readers be more mindful of how they ‘communicate church’ within our digital culture today to the member, visitor and outside community alike.


Mark Crosby is the Director of Communications for Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland and serves at Vineyard Church Cardiff. He oversees communications for the Vineyard movement, including web, social media, resources, films, new platform application, training, and creative and strategic direction. He also works on all national events.

Mark trains churches in Europe and USA on healthy communications as part of his role, whilst also consulting for Vineyard International.

After graduating from University with a degree in Marketing & PR (his dissertation was on ‘How churches should be marketing themselves in the 21st Century’, written in 2004), Mark began working in Marketing, whilst serving in the local church and applying commercial skills to a church environment.

Mark has been a freelance PR & Marketing consultant, working in areas such as Technology, Retail, Leisure and Football. He is married with two children and owns a rusty unreliable VW campervan.


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Helpful, practical and accessible...

‘This is so helpful, practical and accessible from a master of the craft. For all those who would love tips on how we can communicate better to both the church and the world around us. Over the years I have watched Mark do this brilliantly with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of grace.’

Mike Pilavachi, Soul Survivor

a must for every leader

‘I have been waiting for this book all my ministry. Every church pastor and leadership team should read this. Mark Crosby is a remarkable man and here his gifts are given away. This is a must for every leader.

I have known Mark for a number of years and he is the best Communications Director I have ever met who also loves Jesus, the Church and is passionate to see the Kingdom grow. This is not a book on church media it is a manual for church mission.’

Simon Ponsonby, St Aldate’s Oxford

the real deal...

‘Mark Crosby is the real deal – a man with a passion for Jesus Christ and a gift for helping churches communicate it.’

Mark Elsdon-Dew, Director of Communications, HTB Church and Alpha International

the potential to transform

‘As the Communications Director for Vineyard Churches (UK & Ireland), Mark has been hugely effective in shaping communication both within and beyond our movement across multiple platforms. His passion for Jesus and the Church, his strategic mind and his diligent study of current and emerging means of communication, combine to make what he has to say well worth listening to. In this book Mark demonstrates his ability to make the complex simple, providing practical tips which have the potential to transform the church’s ability to connect with those within and far beyond it.’

John & Debby Wright, National Directors, Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland

Such an encouragement...

‘Mark is one of those great disciples who quietly makes things happen and doesn’t mind who gets the credit. He has been such an encouragement in helping his church and many others communicate to students and young adults and joins up conversations and people all the time. From my experience in working with churches looking to reach students, clear, relational communication and consistent, kind follow-up is mission critical. Mark does this in his own life and so I pray this book helps many others do the same in the hidden and public spaces of following Jesus and being his church.’

Miriam Swaffield, Fusion

an invaluable tool

‘The work of community formation is progressed through reliable communication. My friend Mark Crosby excels in leading churches to communicate in healthy ways that help rewrite the story of their cities. So Everyone Can Hear will be an invaluable tool for every community seeking to grow in strength as they gather and scatter for the sake of their cities.’

Alan Scott, Anaheim Vineyard

one of the leading thinkers and practitioners

‘Church Communications is one of the vital ingredients that we need to learn how to master as church leaders. Mark is one of the leading thinkers and practitioners in church communications and having known him for a number of years it’s a delight to now have his experience neatly packaged in a book. So Everyone Can Hear is a vital addition to the toolkit of every church leader.’ 

Jay Pathak, Mile High Vineyard

Compellingly written, beautifully designed

A clarion call for churches to leverage all the communication tools the 21st century has to offer in service of reaching the world with the gospel. Compellingly written, beautifully designed, and grounded in Mark Crosby’s extensive experience, ‘So Everyone Can Hear’ is a gift to all Christian communicators.

Jo Swinney, Director of Church Communications, CPO